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Psych: Emotion (stress) Mod 5

___________ is the degree to which people believe that they, as opposed to external forces (beyond their influence), have control over the outcome of events in their lives.
Stress responses can be physical, emotional, behavioral, and ________.
The body fights its own adrenaline and stress, GAS part 2.
With long term exposure, adrenaline and cortisol can act like _______.
Something that can help lessen the impact of stress
Over emphasizing the negative, always assuming the worst will happen
Something that interferes with getting accurate results
Good stress
The ________ nervous system becomes active under stress, fear, and excitement
_______ is a stress hormone
Part of GAS, causes lots of adrenaline to be pumped into your system
A cause of stress
All i can think about is the bad and stressful things, this is called ___________.
You might do better at an athletic event if you are excited about participating or do better on an exam if you are somewhat anxious about your score. In psychology, this relationship between arousal levels and performance is known as _____________.
The adrenaline wears off, body can't fight stress anymore. GAS part 3.
Bad stress
Things like traffic, lack of money, one homework assignment after another can lead to ___________.
The Social Readjustment Rating Scale can be used to _______ stress
A physical response to stress is General ______ Syndrome.