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Mary Mother Of Jesus Crossword Puzzle For Fun

city located in the mountains
possibly means rebellious
required by the Law of Moses
visitors from the East
a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons
had this many sons
urgency of movement or action
returned here after leaving Mount of Olives
given a new son
cousin came from this tribe
one of the gifts
ordered by Caesar Augustus
fled to Egypt during this time
two of these required for atonement
lost her son here
possible sister
she married this
this was her original religion
probably, Sprout-Town
sent astrologers to Bethlehem
mother of Mary
angel’s name
one child has same name as other child’s betrayer
a descendant of his
went year to year
governor of Syria during 1st registration
in a distraught way owing to fear, anxiety
son born here
impregnated her
she could not keep her spirit from being this
days required to cleanse after birth of son
withdrew into this territory with her child and husband
Barren woman
man was righteous and devout
circumcision required on this day
1st son’s name
prophesized the birth
found her son here
attended marriage feast here
she asked Jesus to provide more
legal father
informed shepherds about birth
Archelaus ruled Judea instead of his father