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Harlem Renaissance and 20s culture

The _______ was a civil right organization that fought for African Americans rights
W.E.B. ______ was the founder of the NAACP
The Harlem ________ happened during the 1920's
_______ was the first person to fly an airplane non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean
The Harlem Renaissance was a _________ of African American culture
During the Great Migration, African Americans move to the Northern cities for better ________ opportunities
_______ was a form of music that began during the Harlem Renaissance
The Great Migration was a _________ of African Americans from the southern states to _________ cities
Became popular during the 1920's
During the Great Migration, African Americans left the South to escape racial __________.
Harlem is located in __________ City.
______ also became popular during the 1920s
The _______ became an important form of communication during the 1920's