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TEETH Mary Otto

Which tool were we given to survive. (Ch. 12)
First name of the boy who died the same week as Driver from an infection after getting his teeth extracted. (Ch. 12)
What state funded insurance does not include routine care for seniors? (Ch. 6)
Last name of the person who started the first dental hygiene school. (Ch. 7)
America's dental care system continues to reward surgical procedures more than ____. Ch. 12)
City of the first dental school. (Ch. 5)
Age of Demonte Driver when he died of dental infection. (Ch. 10)
This president signed the affordable care act. (Ch. 8)
Another name for the American smile. (Ch. 1)
What is the biggest predictor of having a surgery. (Ch. 3)
Person who called for the reform between medical and dental professions. (Ch. 4)
Tooth____ is the removal of all of the teeth. (Ch. 4)
What is the main factor for Americans delay in getting dental care. (Ch. 2)
What was the main cause of toothaches. (Ch.2)
Last name of the boy who died of a dental infection in Maryland in 2007. (Ch. 2)
Satcher said the mouth was the ____ of health and disease. Ch. 4)
Project ___ was where a select group of hygienists were trained to drill and fill teeth. (Ch. 7)
Which state has custom for prechewing baby food, which would then pass the bacteria from their oral cavity to their babies. (Ch. 8)
Who wrote the first college text book "The dental Art." (Ch. 5)
The American Health care system is set up as if the mouth was ____ from the rest of the body. (Ch. 3)
Harris insisted that what metal be used for plugging. (Ch. 5)
City where the first dental hygiene school was located. (Ch. 7)
The loosening of enamel ___ is caused by decay. (Ch. 4)
After WW2 what was starting to get used to reduce decay. (Ch. 1)
Last name of the first hygienist and was also the cousin of Alfred Fones. (Ch. 7)
Cavities remain the second most common infectious disease in children beside the common___. (Ch. 11)
Which state became an example to expand care to more Medicaid children. (Ch. 11)
Last name of the first black facukty member of a dental school. (Ch. 9)
Flashing set of white front teeth are known as this. Ch. 1)
In 2015 this group accepted that the dental profession could have a mid level provider. (Ch. 8)
Those who lack benefits are more likely to belong to ___ groups.
Abbreviation for the The Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps. (Ch. 2)
The element that helps study primate teeth. (Ch. 4)
In America, access to care has been divided along ___ lines. (Ch. 9)
Last name of the person who spent many years getting hygienists to be able to work on schools, nursing homes and public health clinics. (Ch 7)