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Moses and Family

It was in the Most Holy
Number of years Moses judged Israel
Moses's oldest sibling
How Jehovah communicated with Moses
Number of complete books that Moses wrote
Son of Aaron who became the next high priest
Nadab and Abihu were executed by it
Moses's nationality
Quality Moses needed to develop before Jehovah could use him
It represented God's presence
Where Aaron and his sons worked
Moses's third job he received at Mr. Horeb
Who Moses foreshadows
"By___ he saw the one invisible"
Wife of Moses
A son of Aaron that stayed faithful
Father of Moses
Tribe Moses descended from
Mt Moses died on
Moses's first job in Midian
Where Moses grew up
Lit up the Holy
Moses's second job when he was sent to Egypt
Number of sons Moses had
Moses's brother
Mother of Moses
Successor of Moses