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John - Anger and Forgiveness

Violent resentful anger, rage
I will not _____ running in the hallways!
Done on purpose, done to cause harm
To feel angry or bitter about something
If you want to _____ Ms. Farnan, try to talk in class during a lesson. She will be so angry!
Feeling anger about something unfair or mean
To respond to an injury or wrongdoing by hurting another
To feel sorry for bad deeds
It's always important to ______ with your friends after a fight.
I was feeling ______ after everything got switched around with no time to plan! Not fair!
To allow, accept, or to overlook something wrong
I will try to _____ my mom by bringing her flowers.
I ______ my sister for getting the award I was working towards.
Defy me and you will feel my ______!
The kid wanted to _____ against the bully who was mean to him.
The monster's attack was _______, it was definitely done on purpose!
To cause extreme anger
To settle differences, to come to an agreement
To calm or soothe, usually by giving in
I was _____ after I stole the cookie and lied about it.