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American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

Tax on import and exports.
Trade between 2 or more states.
Held May 1787 to improve the Articles of Confederation.
Led hundreds of men into a force shut down of the supreme court.
A document signed by King John in 1215
An idea that political authority is in the hands of the people.
A set of basic principals and laws that states the power and duties of the government.
An agreement to create a 2 house legislature.
An important patriot victory.
A recent immigrant from Poland who spied for the Patriots.
Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Wisconsin.
Responsible for proposing laws
Increase prices for goods and services combined with reduce value of money.
A naval hero who patriots owes their success to.
Keeps any branch from not being to powerful
Foreign soldiers who fought for pay not loyalty.
Well educated delegate who served in Congress.
The right to vote by allowing any white male who pay taxes to vote.