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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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#1 - 60's Music and Culture by gail&woody

Five digit ____ code invented in 1963.
The ____ of Music is a movie about the Von Trapp family
Well-rounded singer of The Twist is ____ C.
Aretha Franklin needs some ____
____ rings change color to show emotion.
Dusty Springfield and Billy ____
When The Box Tops get a letter what does the lead singer want to buy?
The ____ tried to tell us that she's not there.
Mrs. Robinson was the main character and theme song of this movie.
The Ronettes beg you to "Be My ____."
First name in duo singing about the Sounds of Silence
911 emergency number was first used in 1968 in the state of ____
Nude ____ dolls had colorful straight up long hair.
M. ____ sings, "There ain't no mountain high enough."
Peter Sellers is Dr. ____ in this hit anti-war movie.
There's a ____ at the Bate's Motel
The Supremes know You Can't Hurry ____
The Anunga Runga Tribe of the musical ____
Sally better slow her ____ down.
____ flew over the Cuckoo's nest
The ____ all went out in Massachusetts
Bubble ____ was invented in the 60's. Thought it would be a cool wall paper.
Theme song from Midnight Cowboy, Everybody's ____ at me.
The ____ of Love - feature song in James Bond Casino Royale movie.
Eric ____ has a Very Hungry Catepillar
____draw McGraw - funny, loveable horse
Streisand was a really ____ girl in this movie about Fanny Brice.
He was the sweet talkin' son of a ____ man.
Outlaw duo movie: Bonnie and ____
Atlanta International Pop Festival is also known as The ____ Int. Pop Fest. for the town it was held in.
Knee-high go-go ____
All grammar schoolers read about ____ and Jane
The ____ want to know, "Will you still love me tomorrow?"
60's Saturday morning hungry cartoon bear
____ was good and bad but he could never be ugly
____ Cass Elliott
____ Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's
Sly sings, "There are different ____ for different folks."
Orbeson sang about a ____ Woman.
Cartoon space family of the 60's
____ was invented to be used for tires but instead is used in protective vests.
Leslie ____ was adamant that "You don't own me."
These singing reptiles, The ____ are Happy Together.
Dr. ____ - despicable guy on Lost in Space
The ____ is blowin' in the wind.
Shangrila's sang about the ____ of the Pack.
Steppenwolf is Born to be ____
James Brown feels, "____ like sugar and spice."
The twist, the swim and the ____ - motion
To ____ a Mockingbird is now a classic.