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There's no business like snow business

Light snowfall on hardpack
Brief snowfall with little accumulation
Reptilian disruptor of skiers balance
Perfect Colorado snow
Intense windy whiteout
Short, intense burst of snow
Overhanging accumulation of snow
Is this snowfall or a building material?
This doesn't have a chance in hell
Snow mixed with dirt
This gets the weather channel's Jim Cantore all excited
Mammalian snowmaking result
Rhythmic ritual plea for snow
Shallow street walker?
Mix of rain and snow
Schoolkids favorite
We tried this in 76 to bring snow
They are said to have fifty words for snow
Snow produced by icy winds over warmer water
Unpleasant colorful eastern condition
Six sided crystals of ice
Don't eat this
Fabric like condition
You don't want this in your leg or your snowpack
Many mistake this for hail