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#2 - 60's Music and Culture by gail&woody

Bond. ____ Bond.
____ L. wrote To Kill a Mockingbird.
Brenda Lee is sorry for being such a ____.
Diamond's Sweet ____ is popular at baseball games
Ben, Adam, ____, and Little Joe Cartwright
Sonny and ____ sang, "I Got You Babe"
For Tom Jones it's not unusual to be ____ by anyone.
____ B. played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate
Louis Armstrong's nickname
Tommy James and the ____
I knew a man ____ and he danced for you in worn out shoes.
Credence Clearwater ___ sang about Willy and the Poor Boys.
The ____ must be "Under the Boardwalk."
To perform magic, Samantha often twitches her _____ .
Atticus ____ is a fictional lawyer.
Henry Mancini wrote the " ____ Panther."
I ____ the law and the law won.
Sam and ____ sing, "Hold on, I'm coming."
With all the charms of a woman you kept the secrets of your ____.
Frankie Valli sings, "Can't Take My ____ Off You."
Television series - The ____ McCoys
3 Dog Night's solitary song
You ask me if there'll come a time when I grow tired of ___ .
Otis sings, "I've been lovin' you too ____ ."
Bobby Gentry sang an "Ode to Billie ____."
Dark ____ - a gothic, vampire soap opera
Barbara Eden is a 2,000 year old ____
____ R. is just sitting on the dock of the bay.
Sean Connery was born in what country?
Where have you gone, Joe ____?
Oh, I love my ____ child. You got the way to make me happy.
____ 54, Where Are You?
The Cartwrights lived on the ____ .
Samantha's meddling, witchy mother
Apple, peaches, pumpkin ____.
American spy series - The Man from ____
I don't know her name. She's the fisherman's ____.
What does Lady Madonna keep at her feet?
For Etta James, at last life is like a ____
B. J. Thomas is hooked on a ____.
Jimmy Dean sings "Big, Bad ____ ."
Hey there, Georgy ____
The Righteous Brothers have an "Unchained ____."
The ____ Dimension want to let the sunshine in.
Samantha's klutzy, lovable, magical Aunt
____ Sledge sang, "When a man loves a woman."
"C'est la vie," say the old folks, "it goes to show you never can ____ ."
Gary Puckett and the ____ Gap
Three Dog Night thinks it's easy to be _____.
You need a little bit of ____ to put you right.