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Psychology: Human Development Mod 3

Infant animals bond with the first thing they see
Cognitive growth is smooth
Describes what thoughts are made of
Significantly changing your mind to fit new (important) information
Cognitive growth happens in stages
Humans ______ memories that are troubling or disturbing
Did significant research on the topic of child cognition
The _______ of a family plays a large role in the cognitive development of children
Piaget's first stage, a child can sense and react
A baby knows that things exist even when it can't see them, happens in stage 1
_______ are SKILLS stored in the cerebellum
Abstract thinking, a child can analyze things that are unseen, stage 4
A person's representation of how the world works
Adding new information into your existing mind (or your schema)
Piaget describes 4 stages of
Piaget's 3rd stage, happens during elementary school
The child can think about things tat physically exist, stage 3
Piaget's 4th stage, Adolescence through adult
A thing is what it is, despite what it looks like, happens in stage 2
Describes the size of the thoughts
Humans cannot remember anything before the age of _____