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Mary Poppins- Mrs. Corry (8)

In this chapter, Mary is quite pleased by her new _________
Mary went with the Corrys to the top of Cherry Tree Lane to _____ the children's paper stars to the sky using a ladder
Fannie and Annie seemed to be very frightened of their own ____________
The animal nickname Mrs. Corry called Jane and Michael
A tall thin man rather sad, dull, glum and pessimistic
Michael wished her fingers were Peppermint Bars, apparently good for _________ according to Mrs. Corry
The twins were given Barley Sugar which Mary said would only do them _______ if it came from Mrs. Corry
A round cheerful man who desired someone to talk to just like the polar bear
Jane offered Annie a _______ for her tear when Mrs. Corry wasn't looking
Purchased two pounds of pork __________ from the butcher
During their undercover mission, Mrs. Corry referred to Fannie and Annie as galumphing __________
After the children were in bed and lights were out, the children saw ________ sneak into the nursery all dressed to go out
Sisters that served at the sweet shop: __________ and __________ (backwards alphabetical, no spaces)
Mrs. Corry was displeased and spoke to her daughters in a soft, fierce, terrifying ________
Mrs. Corry's _________ grew into different flavors of candy
Mrs. Corry's special recipe came from Alfred the Great who was a great ______ despite burning some cakes
Mrs. Corry instructed her daughters not to ________ as she could handle all of the ______ing that needed to be done (same word)
Poppins bought two types of fish, some shrimp and a __________
The butcher seemed to like Mary, but she insisted she was in a ________ and didn't put up with his flirtation
After the sight she had seen out the window, Jane wanted to know if the stars were ________ paper or if the _______ was paper stars (same word)
Jane thought the second shop owner was upset because of a secret and Michael thought it was because he only had this food and drink as a baby: _______ and _______ (no spaces)
After leaving, the sweet shop entirely ________
Baked Custard was for ________
Jane and Michael both have a stash of __________ off the gingerbread slabs kept safe in different place in the nursery
The fishmonger mentioned the bad weather and told Mary that neither she or anyone else was ___________
Whining almost made the children miss out on __________
Old lady owner of the sweets shop
Mrs. Corry said that she was a young adult just out of her teens when the ________ of the world happened
Appearance of the sweet shop: small, dark and ______
Mrs. Corry claimed to be alive when Christopher Columbus discovered _________
How much did the gingerbread cost? _______ pennies
Mrs. Corry also claimed to know William the conqueror whose mother warned him to not take over __________
Delighted by Michael's compliment Mrs. Corry danced the Highland ______ just like Red Cow.
The children were told to pick out four a piece and four Mary, but Mrs. Corry added one to make it a baker's __________
The payment was to be directly stuck to Mrs. Corry's long, black ________