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Law of Contracts - Unit 8

In a deed of trust, the mortgage company is also called the __.
Another name for a/an __ note is financing instrument.
A mortgage broker is a/an __.
A/an __ is an economic indicator.
The __ clause would give a lender the right to have all future installments become due upon default.
The deed of trust is most closely associated with lien __ states.
Another term for savings associations is __.
A straight loan is also called a/an __ loan.
A typical loan origination fee is __% of the loan amount.
Mortgage banking companies originate __.
Financing is defined as providing __.
A deed in lieu of foreclosure is also called __ foreclosure.
A __ contract provides for the conveyance of legal title at a future date.
Collateral for a loan includes a __.
The mortgagor's right to regain the property by paying the debt after a foreclosure sale is called __.
Accurate dates in notes are essential because it is important to establish __ rights.
When the loan secured by a deed of trust has been paid in full, the borrower requests a deed of __.
The clause that requires the borrower to be penalized for any unscheduled payments is the __ clause.
The primary activity of Freddie Mac is to buy and pool blocks of __ mortgages.
The loan __ fee covers the costs involved in generating the loan.
A __, specific lien is the type of lien on the deed of trust on a property.
A type of foreclosure that allows the property to be sold by court order is __ foreclosure.
The Truth in Lending Act is regulated by the __ government.
The borrower's personal promise is called the __.
The lender who holds the note is called the __.
Many lenders require that borrowers provide a reserve fund, which is also called a/an __ account.
The parties in a mortgage are the mortgagee and the __.
__ points are typically used to increase the lender's yield.
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.