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ACT Science Vocabulary #2

Solidified lava; a dense, dark grey, fine-grained igneous rock.
The process of altering solid rock by changing their temperature, pressure, and chemistry.
Rocks that are formed by the cooling and solidification of molten magma (2 words, no space)
The alternating layers of different mineral compositions within solid rock.
Elements of an experiment that are changed (distinguished from constants, which are held the same in order to produce significant results) (2 words, no space)
The outermost layer of the atmosphere.
A unit of measurement for the molecular weight of a substance.
The lowest portion of the Earth's atmosphere. Where all weather takes place.
The lower level of Earth's crust
Elevations above a level of reference, usually given in feet above sea level.
A layer of atmosphere 50-80 kilometers above Earth's surface.
A layer of atmosphere between the troposphere and the mesosphere.
A state of balance.
The outer part of the Earth that includes the crust and upper mantle.
The amount of force needed to accelerate a 1kg mass at a rate of 1m/s^2.