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Mr. Lancaster: Owen Rogers
A crack in the earths surface
Farm laborers bound to the land they worked
Products for personal use
Title of former emperors of Russia
People who share common-cultural background, including ansestery and language
1940s-1990si in which the U.S.and S.U.competed for world influence
Russian term for openness
Place with water and vegetation surrounded by deserts
Treeless plain
Political system in which government controls the economy
Permanently frozen layer of the soil
Making of goods such as machinery, mining equipment, and military weapons
Land that is set aside by Gov. to protect nature and wildlife
People who move from place to place with herds of sheep or animals
People start and run a business to make a profit with little government control
Making of such goods as clothing, shoes, furniture, and household products
Industry in which foods are prepared and packaged for sale
National government owns all land, resources, industries, farms,and railroads
Vast evergreen forrest
Dry treeless grassland on the side of deserts