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The Lord’s “wisdom is greater than the cunning of the devil D&C 10:34-52).”

Mormon did not ___ why the Lord wanted him to add "these things" to close his record. (WofM 4-9)
The "other plates" usually refers to the ___ Plates of Nephi.
Mormon ___ Nephi's Small Plates to close his own record.
"These Plates" written in 1 Nephi refers to the ____ Plates.
I can ___God, because of his wisdom.
Who is needed to make God's CH__ __CH stronger and better?
The "Large Plates" of Nephi usually refer more to wars and ___ of his people (1Ne. 19:4)
T. F. Nephi did not know God's purpose for two sets of plates.
God's blessings in his church comes to those who ___ to the end (10:69).
God's ___ is greater than the cunning of the devil.
Can you see two blessings God gives to faithful members of his church (10:69).
Whosoever belongeth to my ___ need not fear (10:55).
Nephi wrote two ___ of his people. (1 Ne.19:3)
Nephite prophets left a ___ upon this land ( 10:50).
The Lord told Joseph to ___ the Small Plates in place of the 116 lost pages of manuscript (10:41).
Nephi wrote about his ____ upon the Small Plates.
Nephi's "Small Plates" were published to ___ those who altered his words.
Nephi made the "Small Plates" for a wise ___ (1 Ne. 9:5).