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John the Baptist

John the Baptist and Jesus were ___.
3:31--John says Jesus is from ___.
3:30--John must become __.
3:31--John says Jesus is __ all.
About how much older was John than Jesus?
1:30--John said Jesus was __ him.
3:29--John compares Jesus to a ___.
John shows __.
3:36--Rejecting Jesus leaves us in God's __.
3:30--Jesus must become __.
"Messiah" means the __ one of God.
1:30--John said Jesus had __ him.
1:29--John calls Jesus the ___ __ ___.
3:28--John's job was to be ___ before Jesus.
3:31--John says he is from the __.
I should __be the main point of my life.
3:27--John said a person can only do what is given from ____.
3:29--What does John compare himself to?
3:28--What is Jesus's job?
1:29--Jesus would take away the sin of the __.
3:26--John's followers were upset that Jesus was ____.
3:36--Believing in Jesus gives __ life.