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The Diary of Anne Frank (The Play) Vocabulary

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Tara Nelson
Anne __________ having her mother treat her like a baby.
a synonym for apprehension
a verb that means strengthen
also means furious
The ______ ___ __________ is visible on all their clothing.
an adverb that means in a showy way
an adjective that means unembarrassed
Dussel is a man in his late fifties, ___________, finicky...bewildered now.
The Maccabees' fight against ____________ and oppression two thousand years ago still inspires people today.
an adjverb that means cautiously
horrified is a synonym
a deep feeling of guilt
a synonym for disgruntled
Dussel felt _________ when Peter and Anne both closed their doors on him.
means unable to speak
a synonym for animation
a verb that means maintained
The Maccabees showed great ________ in their fight against tyranny.