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8th Grade Science: Section 5.3

"misplaced" fossils
Type of fossil that form when animal or plants are rapidly buried by water and sediment sand their remains are replaced by minerals
Type of fossil that forms when animal tracks, leaf and feather outlines, or imprints of skin were preserved in mud that quickly hardened and was then buried by more sediments
A hypothetical timescale used by evolutionists to illustrate earth's history
The remains or impressions of plants, animals, and humans preserved in sedimentary rock
Type of fossil that forms when plant parts, insects, or small animals are trapped in large masses of tree sap and later hardens into amber
Era that means "recent life"
Type of fossil that forms when bud buries a plant or animal and quickly hardens into a rock
Type of fossil that forms when an entire animal is preserved nearly intact by freezing, desiccation, or entrapment
Branch of geology that studies fossils
Era that means "ancient life"
Era that means "intermediate life"
The smallest division of the Geologic Column
Largest division of the geologic column