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The Planets and the Sun

Methane gas gives this planet a blue-green color.
_____ looks like our moon because of meteorites from long ago.
Earth is the only planet in the solar system with liquid _____.
Earth lies between _____ and Mars.
Scientists think that our solar system is more than 4.6 _____ years old.
The Inner Planets are often called the _____ _____(two words).
_____ has a storm system known as the Great Red Spot.
This planet has an atmosphere that is mainly a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.
This planet is known for its rings that are made of ice and dust.
_____ is often called the Red Planet because of its color.
Venus' thick atmosphere traps heat because of the _____ effect.
The Sun is closer than other stars, but it is still 93 _____ miles away from Earth.
The Sun is a massive ball of gas made of _____ and helium.
_____ is the windiest planet in the solar system.