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Mary Poppins- Full Moon (10)

Inside the cat house, all the people were in ________
The food was put into cages by the bears stuck on pronged _______
Jane and Michael were considered _______ Visitors of the night's events
The King of the Beasts _____ his mane because he believed "lions should always look their best"
At the end of their dream, the silky snake voice sounded similar to there _______
The wisest, most terrible Lord of the Jungle that is cousins with Mary
Being in a hurry makes Mary _________
Michael doesn't want to give to the poor because he is saving to buy his own ________
Jane told the snake she thought the big animals were natural ________ of the smaller ones
The cost for the children
The children were surprised to see the craziest, most dangerous cage was ___________ fussing about his tea (no spaces)
The cages were full of the ______ or left behind when the zoo closed
Their was a fat _________ on all fours atop the Elephant Stand giving eight monkeys a ride
The snake's gift was his gold ________ with greetings written on it for a belt, shoes, or hat-band
Both children wore their ________ that softly hissed on the Lane
A black ______ told the children to see how they felt having to dive in the water for a piece of orange peel
The giraffe stuck his nose in a cage full of ________
Setting: a mysterious voice led the children to the ______
To be "invisible", Jane and Michael went behind the sofa to count ______
At the end of their dream, the gruff bear voice sounded similar to there _______
Michael had given one of the bears a tin of ______ with a tight lid
Animals are let out of their cages if the ______ moon falls on Mary's birthday
Who had more coins?
The children had to finish their _____ in order for Mary to give them buttered toast
Jane squeezed into Michael's _______ when the left for their late night adventure
Mary was required on the green square at the center of the Grand ______ of the Lancers
Found a sailor's hat and gloves to wear out
The whole zoo is ________, opposite of ordinary days and also how Jane Moffat liked to look at the world (no spaces)
Big brown bears worked for the zoo handing out pink _______ at the entrance and as zookeepers
One cage had little old ladies in _________ and galoshes (no spaces)
The children were convinced that their dream was real after seeing "A ________ from the Zoo" written on Mary's belt
The penguin rhymed this word with Mary
Mary sat in the middle of the _____ house with bright lights and _______s curled up and slithering out of their cages
A lion ran into Jane on the way to see the ________ fed and he became their guide
After the feeding the children saw a penguin with a sketchbook and pencil trying to write an original ________