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The Transfiguration Luke 9:28-36

One of two brothers, a disciple of Jesus
Prophet in OT who did not die
Wrote first five books of bible
These have six wings and sing "Holy, holy, holy is the LORD" Is. 6:2-3
Priests could not enter this, because of the Lord's glory 2 Chr. 7:2
The place where Jesus went to pray
Describes how bright Jesus cloths were
Peter offered to put up three of these
The glory of the Lord looked like ___ Ex. 24:17
Everyone called by the Lord's name is created for his glory Is. 43:7
Spoke from heaven
One of two brothers, a disciples of Jesus
His name means, 'rock' or 'stone'
The disciple saw Jesus in His ____
Isaiah's lips were touched with this Is. 2:6
The saints will give glory to God at the ____ of the Lamb Rev. 19:7
Moses and Elijah spoke to Jesus about his ______
Pavement under God's feet was described as ____ Ex. 24:10
The voice to the disciples to ____ to Jesus
The ____ declare the glory of God Ps. 19:1