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Mary Poppins- Christmas Shopping (11)

Celeno: a red and blue _______ because she wanted one to spin in a ring around her
Maia had been so _______ through the whole experience
A set of ______- for their mother
Maia knows Michael doesn't like his hair _______
The twins bought gifts for others so they could have them for _________
The shop had a _________ door
Merope: rubber _______ like the twins, blue with yellow eyes
On the way back to the sky, Maia's _________ had come undone, no matter how tightly they had tied it
Maia had brought no ________ or money to pay for the toys
Looking in the shop windows, Michael saw aeroplanes, Jane saw baby dolls, and Mary saw herself looking very smart and ________
A gift for Mr. Banks
Shopping came to an end so Mary could get them home for _____
Robertson Ay got a mechanical ________
There are _______total stars in Pleiades, all girls
Alcyone: the _____, Swiss Family Robinsons because she was quiet and thoughtful
Setting: The Largest Shop in the _________
Maia mostly stood on her _______ (no spaces)
Everyone was using their sense of ________ as they got off the bus
Pleiades job is to make and store ________ Rains
Mary was buying fabric but the children were more interested in the ______ department
Sterope: a _________ top, to waltz and sing through the sky
Taygete: a skipping rope for she liked to _____
For the twins
Even though she came down with almost no clothes, Maia went back to the sky with Mary's gloves with _____ on the cuffs
Who introduced the children to Maia?
Ellen and Mrs. Brill both got gift they can't _______
Mom's gift
Who was upset by the crowd staring after Maia blocking traffic?
Mary and Father __________ fought over soap
Maia climbed _________stairs back into the sky
Electra: a stove, pans, and broom to sweep up _______
Setting: Season
Maia is the _______ star in Pleiades (between Electra, the oldest, and Merope, the baby)
Maia had come to get ______ for all her sisters
Pleiades is often nicknamed, Little Sisters or Seven ____________
Michael and Jane saw _______ in the eyes of Mary Poppins after Maia disappeared