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1950's culture

Big name in Cuba, once
Singer known as "Little Miss Dynamite"
20th Century American jazz singer, subject of the film Lady Sings The Blues.
Warhead approved for construction by Truman, Jan 1950 (8,4)
American singer associated with the song I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Retro 1950s garbs: 2 wds.
Film star who became Princess of Monaco
34th President of the United States
Popular dog breed in the 1950's. Also, a sport.
Computer that accurately predicted Ike's 1952 election
Yertle the Turtle author (2,5)
Conflict which took place in Eastern Asia from 1950 to 1953 (6,3)
American actress whose films include Picnic, The Man With the Golden Arm and Vertigo
DNA's "double" shape
Male star of the 1944 musical drama Going My Way
IFA Player of the Century co-winner
American abstract expressionist painter best known for his style of drip painting
"Teacher, Teacher" singer
Country legend whose real name is Harold Lloyd Jenkins
The showgirl to Laurence Olivier's prince
US actor whose roles included Gil Westrum in 1962 film western Ride the High Country
City of the 1950's world cup final Between Uruguay and Brazil. (3, 2, 7)
American composer and lyricist whose songs included White Christmas
Russian satellite, literally "travelling companion"
The longest-serving first lady of the United States
John Ronald Reuel -------, fantasy writer
Every spell is cast for the King
The only British prime minister to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature
*Rat Pack member dubbed "The King of Cool"
Hollywood cowboy star nicknamed Duke