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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Abraham Lincoln

Teacher: Tyler Bischoff
Who did President Johnson give to bringing Lincoln's killer to death?
What didBooth ask John Peanut to hold for him? His what?
What did Booth threaten Rathbone with?
Who shot Lincoln
What word means deceives?
What are small spikedwheels that are worn by a rider to make a horse go faster?
What weapon killed Lincoln?
What is a word that means inflict harm or in return for injury or wrong doing one to another?
What is a conversation between two or more people in a book, play or a movie?
Who was just below Lincoln when he made his inaugural speech?
Where did Lincoln get shot?
What word means violence or chaos?
A passage connecting a room between the outside door is called what?
Where was Lincoln shot?
WHAT WAS Lincoln's older son's name?
Who wanted a lock of Lincoln's hair?
What month die Lincoln Die?
When Booth and David Kerold reached the farmhouse what did he say had fallen_________ and broke Booth's leg?
Who wounded Seaward?