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Science Chapter 10 review

Rocks where the grain is in layers are considered this
Influenced by how quickly an igneous rock cools
How the world came to be in 7 days
Study fossils / dinosaurs
When fastmoving sand takes the surface of of something
Fossil where something is trapped in amber
One of two periods known for lots of fossils
Fossil where something left a track behind
From lava to igneous to metamorphic and back to lava...
Quick cooling above the earth's crust
Particles carried in water
Belief that gradual changes happen over long periods of time
The pull from the moon
Fossil with the imprint of a once living being
When rock particles break off of existing rock
Rock formed from cooling magma or lava
Unusual effect of wind or water that cause tilted layers in strata
Plate ______ is a theory of how the earth's crust moves
Above ground source of igneous rocks
Times that the earth's history is divided into
Evolutionists and creationists don't agree on Earth's ____
When a rock changes type
Believe both big changes and long time have shaped the earth
When parts of living tissue harden after death
Evolutionists believe all life came from a _____ ancestor
Longer cooling below the earth's crust
Rock formed when layers of sediment settle and press together
Rock formed when an existing rock is put under heat, pressure or both
Study rocks
______ column
Major source of erosion especially in deserts
Major source of erosion, often from freezing
One of the basic things that form rocks
Evolutionists dont believe this had anything to do with Earth's beginnings
Underground source of igneous rocks
Biblical event causing huge destruction