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Mary Poppins- West Wind (12)

It made Michael anxious that Mary wasn't _____
Mrs. Banks had to go out and get ________ because it was Ellen's day off
_______, the Matchman, had drawn Mary.
Mary didn't leave a lace handkerchief or hatpin to remember her by, but instead she left her _______ under Jane's pillow
Because of the nice weather, Mr. Banks took his bowler hat but left his ________ behind
Mary Poppins never wasted time being ______
After glancing back at the front door, Mary opened her umbrella though it wasn't ______
The ____ made everyone forget the house need a coat of paint and new wallpaper
The children grabbed the _____ for they knew Mary was leaving for good now that the wind had changed
"_______ is the only person I want in the world!" (no spaces)
Mr. Banks ______ in his bath
Mrs.Banks found it to be ________, preposterous, thoughtless, and discourteous for Mary to leave at a moment with no apology
Though the wind toulsed Mary, she _______ as though they understood each other
Mr. Banks had taken his bag from it's usual spot on the ________ stand
Mr. Banks had lost his ________
According to Mrs. Brill, Au revoir is French for "To ________" (no spaces)
Mary told Michael that he shouldn't trouble ________
Michael knew something was wrong because Mary gave him her ________`
Jane stuffed Mary's portrait into Michael's ____, just for the night, to help him sleep
That evening, the wind was turning up the corners of the nursery ________
The children wanted to run after Mary when she took the _____ to be cleaned, but they couldn't move
After lunch, Jane was planting ______ in the garden with Robertson Ay
For the first time the children were old enough to eat breakfast ________
Michael called his mother a ______ woman for being angry with Mary
Mrs.Banks told Michael not to behave as a Red ________
The children were shook from their trance when they heard the ________ shut with a bang (no spaces)
Jane's _____ felt tight in her body with anticipation that something was not right
After they couldn't see anymore of her floating beyond the trees, Jane did acknowledge that Mary had kept her _______ to them
Mrs. Banks was ______ that the children wanted Mary back so badly after the way she had left
Mrs. Brill's first name
Setting: First day of ______
Flower that was blooming
The children opened the nursery window and gave one last hopeful cry for Mary to ______ (no spaces)
Mr. Banks found his lost item in the _______
The night before, Father needed the income _____ papers from his work