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Psychology: Personality Mod 1

Freud believed that humans are constantly ___________ between hidden, internal pressures and what society tells them.
A unique pattern of enduring psychological characteristics by which each person can be compared to others
Bodily problems caused by unconscious thoughts are called ___________.
In a therapy session with Freud, he would probably start of with the statement "tell me about your ________"
It is stable over time
The central theorist (most important) on personality is _____
The Psychodynamic Theory states that _________ influence who we are an what we want
The transfer of feelings from the past to someone in the present.
The obvious part of your dreams, what you remember
Freud used ___________ to help his patients discover unconscious thoughts and feelings that had been repressed or ignored.
The hidden part of your dreams, what they REALLY mean.
Freud believed the best way to reach the unconscious was _______
According to Freud, ______ in life is locked away in the unconscious where it continually tries to resolve itself.
Freud call his method of therapy the __________.
Freud theorized that _________ was a sign of some past trauma hidden in the subconscious that needed to be revealed and dealt with in the present.