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The Renaissance and Reformation

Created By: Jalen Jones
_________ III was a German King who gave refuge to Martin Luther.
An order of religious teachers created by Ignatius Loyola intended to show a less corrupt side of the Catholic church.
The ____ _____ Empire was a loosely held empire that was led by Charles V of Spain during the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.
The leader of the Catholic church.
The Treaty of __________ acknowledged that German states could choose whether they want to be Catholic or Protestant.
Catholic monk who rejected the churches ideas and started the Reformation. (last name only)
British King _____ VIII broke away from the Catholic church so that he could grant his own marriage annulment.
A drawing technique in which all lines converge on a central vanishing point, giving the drawing the appearance of depth.
The ______ _____ War was a war that raged in Europe from 1618 to 1648.
The ________ church controlled most of Europe during the Renaissance.
Famous artist and sculptor known for sculpting David.
Protestant religious reformer who believed in predestination. (last name only)
Wealthy Renaissance individuals, who could afford to support artists and thinkers.
Wrote "The Prince" as a guide to rulers on how to gain and maintain power.
An extremely wealthy family who lived in the Italian city-state of Florence.
The Protestant ___________ was the result of many states switching from catholic to Protestant.
A period of time in Europe extending from the 1300s to the 1500s, in which the arts, science, and literature flourished.
Powerful empire that controlled most of the Middle East during the Renaissance.
City-state that eventually passed Florence as a cultural center for the Renaissance.
British Queen who created the Anglican church, which was a mix between Catholic and Protestant.
The _______ mostly consisted of raids into Islamic territory in an attempt to spread Christianity.
An ideology that puts more emphasis on worldly subjects such as history, art, and discovery.
The Spanish ___________ was a Catholic persecution of Protestants in an attempt to take back land and followers.
The _______ plague swept through Europe and killed off about a third of the population.
Printing in the __________ helped people understand the language they were reading.
The Golden ____ is a ratio that makes architecture more pleasing to the eye.
Famous artist and inventor known for painting the Mona Lisa. (last name only)
The 95 ______ were posted on the door of a local church by Martin Luther refuting many Catholic practices.
The European country where the Renaissance began.
The Council of _____ was a meeting by catholic official that served mostly to reaffirm catholic beliefs.