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6th Grade Science: Section 4.3-4.4

Part of the sun's atmosphere that is closest to the sun's surface
The Little Bear; Also called the Little Dipper
The actual explosion of a star
The five brightest stars found in the constellation Cygnus
The North Star
The closest star to earth besides the sun
The brightest of all the constellations
The constellation that resembles twin brothers
The brightest star in the night sky
Patches of gas that are cooler than the rest of the sun and therefore not as bright
The brightest star in the constellation Leo
The most important star to earth
Stars outlining an imaginary picture in the sky
When the earth's moon passes in front of the sun
Tremendous bursts of energy that occur in the chromosphere
The sun's visible surface
The Great Bear; contains the Big Dipper
The distance light travels in one year
The brightness of a star
The central part of the sun