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Psychology: Intelligence Puzzle #1

Synaptic growth due to environmental demands
The test used to measure intelligence in adults is the _____ test
The first practical intelligence test was developed by _________.
The study of how a person's environment can alter how genes are expressed
When comparing IQ tests, will 2 different IQ tests give the same conclusion about a person.
A ________ IQ test Measures what a person will probably do in the future
Are the results of a test stable over time, is the data produced by the test consistent during each round of testing?
Does a test measure what it is supposed to measure
The Ratio IQ method works for _______ but not adults
Comparing an intelligence test score to thousands of others gives you a _______.
Simplifying something so it can be defined and measured.
Slang for emotional, intellectual, and physical toughness.
The measurement of mental events and processes
One of the big questions about intelligence is, is it _________.
__________ developed a more accurate way to measure IQ in adults
_____ is related to genetics.
Comparing mental age with chronological age gives you the ________.
A ______ test measures if you gained the knowledge needed to accomplish a goal (learn a particular topic in History for example).
A person's genetics are influenced by their _______.
A _____ IQ test measures a person's ability
According to Alfred Binet, [(________ divided by chronological age) X 100] = IQ