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Science, Geography, and Language Arts

Civil war in 1930s; Germany provided support for the rebels
Atom with 8 protons; waste produce in photosynthesis
Atom with 6 protons
Comparing two things, by saying one is like the other
Atoms bonded together; compounds
Tie atoms together to make molecules
2 words: long chain of chemical reactions that produces energy for cells to live and grow
Cost of running the store, including paying employees
Atom with one proton
2 words: Allows molecules in and out of the cell
Items businesses sell
Similar to sarcasm: To marathon runner, "Maybe you should try running for a hobby."
2 wds: Headquarters of the Catholic Church
Principality with casinos, beaches and many very rich people
$$ left when all selling expenses are subtracted
Giving a non human thing human characteristics
Let customers know about your merchandise and prices, sales, etc
Storage for bones
Comparing two things, by saying one IS the other
Referring to a person or situation from literature, culture, or history
Smallest bit of any element on the Periodic Table
2 wds: total $$ collected from sale of merchandise
Amount of $$ on paycheck after taxes, etc, are subtracted.
An expression, like "kicked the bucket" or "piece of cake"