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Psychology: Intelligence Puzzle #2

________ developed the two factor theory of intelligence
A person with exceptional mental abilities in a narrow area.
This can be changed over time, it is measured independently
_________ developed the Triarchical Theory of Intelligence
The Triarchical Theory of Intelligence rates intelligence on _____________ abilities.
To slow the growth of something
The ability to reflect on how you think, basically it's thinking about thinking.
100 is the _____ IQ for the general population
________ is based on gained knowledge and how to use that knowledge
J.P. Guilford's __________ model identified 120 types of intelligence.
A child that shows adult abilities.
Small changes in IQ, but is generally stable over time.
The ability to think abstractly, analyze, compare, identify patterns.
The number of standard deviations away from the mean is called the ________
_____ thought intelligence needed to be practical, not based on how many word problems you can solve.
________ believed there were many different types of intelligence, each of them independent from the other.
130 and above is considered a _______