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1st Per. Cold War Puzzle #4 (50's economy and culture)

The expectation for women during the 1950's were that they become a good ___________.
The 1950's are often referred to as an "age of ____" (means the same thing as prosperity)
The person who became president after Harry Truman, and would remain president until 1960 was _____
A type of business where one company owns a bunch of other businesses.
Because of the new roads that were built, more people will move to the ______.
During the 1950's, the government constructed the ________ system.
A new type of music that became popular during the 1950's was ______.
Most parents did not _______ of Rock and Roll music.
The ______ was the technological product that most Americans will have in their homes by the end of the 1950's.
The states in the southern U.S., from California to Florida are called the ____.
Jobs based on people providing services and usually require more than a high school education, basically jobs where you don't get your hands dirty.
Many _________ were also Rock and Roll celebrities.
Manufacturing and repair jobs, jobs that require physical labor.
During the 1950's ALL Americans were expected to ______ and meet the expectations of American culture.
The rise in the U.S. birth rate from 1946-1964 is called the ________ generation.
One reason many people moved to the southern states was the invention of _______.
Television shows during the 1950's ________ women in ways that are considered negative today
The most famous Rock and Roll artist of the 1950's was _________.
_________ developed a vaccine for Polio.
________ were rarely included in 1950's television programs, and if they were it was usually in a negative way.
A company that offers the EXACT same goods and services at MANY different locations, usually each location has a private owner.