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Life Science Cell Puzzle

Puzzle Type: Educational
Sara Oakley: Sara oakley
A group of organs that work to perfom body functions.
A structure made up of a collection of tissues that carries out a specialized function.
In physical science, an atoms central region which is made up of protons and neutrons.
A network of protein filaments that give shape and support to the cells.
The matter that you encounter everyday, both living and non living, is made up of basic particles.
A layer that covers the cells surface and acts as a barrier between the inside of a cell and it's enviornment.
The organelle that makes proteins by putting together chains of amino acids using instructions in the cells DNA.
A cellular respiration, cells use oxygen to release energy stored in food.
A membrane bound organelle that package and distribute materials such as proteins.
The smallest functional and structual unit of all living organisms.
A living thing that can carry out life processes by itself.
A fliued filled vessel found in the cell of most animals, plants and fungi.
Membranes near the nucleus in the production, processing and transporting of proteins and in the productions of liquids.
The region of the cell within the membrane that includes the fluid, cytoskeleton and all of the organells except the nucleus.
A group of atoms that are held together by chemical bonds.
A group of similar cells that perform a common function.