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Music Instrument Puzzle

The Bird in Peter and the Wolf
The biggest brass instrument
Instrument also known as kettle drums
Instrument that plays in both treble and bass clefs
A famous composer for piano from the Romantic Period
The largest and lowest pitched string instrument in the orchestra
Instruments that include clarinets and saxophones
Yo-Yo Ma plays this instrument
Instrument that tunes the orchestra
The lowest pitched double reed instrument
Bass, E-flat, contrabass and also are all types of this instrument
First baby's musical instrument
The essential instrument in Rock music
"Tubby" the _____
A percussion instrument with wooden bars that you play with a mallet
One stringed instrument that has this
The highest pitched instrment in the band
Looks like a larger violin and plays in a different clef
Instruments that include oboe, english horn, and bassoon
A small flute that plays up one octave
The highest pitched double wind instrument
Instrument with 47 strings