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Greece and Persia

Forced payment by a defeated people
A leader of a Persian province
Sparta made bars out of this metal to use as currency
Persia’s empire was in this modern country
Considered the father of Athens’ democracy
The Sea that separated Greece from Persia
Democracy where everyone debates and votes
Persian weapons that worked against Greek phalanx
The island where the Minoan culture began
Homer’s epic about the war between Mycenae and Troy
The Spartan general that led 300 warriors against Persia
A 26 mile run based on an Athenian messenger
Where the battle was won by Athens’ smaller, faster boats
Created as a temple and treasury in Athens
Where did Leonidas fight against Xerxes?
A Greek play that was either tragedy or comedy
Democracy where a smaller group is elected to run the government
A soldier on horseback
Greek philosopher that challenged the Greek government
The league of city-states led by Athens
The grandson of Cyrus
The goddess that the Parthenon was dedicated to
A soldier that fights on foot
How many hundred Spartans fought until their death under Leonidas
Socrates’ most famous student
Another name for a Greek city-state
A Greek marketplace