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Sun, Earth, Moon

Large round pits on the moon
In this, only part of the sun is visible from the moon
Device used to observe distant objects and makes them appear closer
Spinning of earth on its axis
Light colored areas on the moon that are like mountains
Study of the moon, stars and other objects in space
An eclipse where the new moon blocks your view of the sun
Tide with the greatest difference between high and low tides
The path earth follows around the sun
The movement of one object around another
Chunks of rock or dust from space
The sun is directly overhead of the equator
An object in space comes between the sun and a third object, it casts a shadow on the object
Tide with the least difference between low and high tides
Dark, flat areas on the moon. The latin word for "seas"
Eclipse where the earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon
Rise and fall of ocean water
System of organizing time
Sun is the greatest difference from the equator
Why earth has seasons
The darkest part of the moon, is cone shaped.