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Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Vocabulary (Pages 226-245)
An agreement between nations to fight each other’s enemies; a partnership
An old story told to explain an event or justify a belief or action
A Greek city-state
A state-owned slave who was part of the lowest class of ancient Greek society
The highest point in an ancient Greek city
A long story in the form of a narrative poem (two words)
An upper class that is richer and more powerful than the rest of society
A government ruled by a few powerful citizens
In ancient Greek city-states, a ruler who took power illegally
A maze
A character who faces a challenge that demands courage, strength, and intelligence
A form of government in which citizens have a direct role in governing themselves or elect representatives to lead them
A substance from which other things are made (two words)
Ancient Greek warship
A government ruled by a single person, such as a king
An open space in an ancient Greek city that served as a marketplace and social center