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John - Vocab

I was upset when my teacher was ______ with me when I asked a question.
I have to ______ my responsibilities to my student teacher so she can learn to teach by herself.
To bother or irritate
To let go or to give up
Small argument
To hide; to make unclear
Can you please not _____ the students up? I will never be able to calm them down!
I was so angry during Monopoly that I ________ the pieces all over the floor.
Rudely short when speaking to someone
Chat, gossip
Burn slowly without a flame
To congratulate yourself, to brag
After he won the race, he began to ______ throughout the room, smiling.
The tree will _______ the view from over there.
To spread here and there; scatter
My sister and I got into a ______ about who got the last ice cream cone.
I was _______ when I heard that I won free tickets to the show.
Sometimes after school I just ______ with my friends.
The bonfire began to _______ as time went on.