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8th Grade Science: Section 6.2

The length of time between one crest and the next
Movements of water that are primarily caused by the moon
A current that flows in the opposite direction either beside, on top of, or beneath the surface current
The depression in the water between crests
Highest point of a wave
Type of deep ocean current
Rhythmic back and forth motions of water that transfer energy through the water
Large streams ocean water that flow at or below the surface
A warm surface current that is partly responsible for the mild climate of Great Britain and other regions of northwestern Europe
Waves with a white foamy crest due to choppy waves
Type of subsurface current that results in the differences of density
A gentle current that follows a breaker that flows as a thin sheet along the sea floor
An upward flowing current
Gigantic waves caused by underwater earthquakes
Surface current that moves in circular paths due to the earth's rotation
A wave with a white crest due to shallow water