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Earth Science 2

Abrasion, ice wedging, plant roots, burrowing, temp changes, and gravity are all types of _______ weathering.
The process that MOVES rocks and sediment from one location to another.
Deltas, flood plains, sandbars, and dunes are all examples of this.
The number of states that make up Tornado Alley
The region where most tornadoes in the U.S. occur.
Weathering _______.
Hurricanes begin in warm waters close to the ______.
A storm that forms over land from warm and cool air mixing, forming a super cell thunderstorm and sometimes funnel clouds.
Depending on their location, hurricanes are also known as cyclones or _______.
A storm that forms over warm ocean water and brings heavy rains, high winds, and storm surge.
The breakdown and loosening of rocks into smaller pieces
Chemical weathering is a ________ change within the rock's minerals causing it to break into smaller pieces.
Erosion ________.
Deposition _______.