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Pesach Crossword

Hebrew name for this holiday festival
On the seder plate; sweet
The leader of Egypt
We ask at least four of these during the seder
This is what our ancestors experienced once they crossed the sea; we work today so everyone in the world can have ______
On the seder plate; greenery
She led the Israelites in song once we were freed
Where the Israelites were kept as slaves
On the seder plate; reminds us of the sacrifice
On the seder plate; bitter
English name for this holiday festival
Hebrew month during which we celebrate Pesach
These ravaged Egypt and the Egyptian people
I am still searching for this...
Our favorite unleavened bread
This is the bondage our ancestors escaped; we work today so no one is in ______
Our festive rituals for Pesach happen during this gathering
He led the Israelites out of slavery