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Hispanic Population

Team D: Hispanic Population
Four body humors that make up balance: blood, bile, black bile, and______.
Two primary languages used are Spanish and _____.
Form of paralysis, usually caused by an upset in the hot-cold balance.
Uses white or benevolent magic.
Term to describe people with Mexican, Central and South American origins.
Epilepsy is viewed as this type of illness.
Meaning "Miracles", this is what is offered to saints for granting health, fortune and well-being.
Botanica is this form of medicine.
Alcoholism is viewed as this type of illness.
Susto is described as an illness arising from _____.
Uses black or malevolent magic.
Believed to be caused by a ball of food clinging to the wall of the stomach.
Cleanings, the removal of negative forces or spirits.
Word for mentally ill people.
Illness may be a punishment given for a person's ________.
Also called midwives.
Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron saint of ______.
Used to treat fright and to ward off evil spirits.
Curandero is a healer of this type of medicine.
Health can be a ____ for good behavior.