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USA Geography Crossword

The one of these that was one of the original 13 colonies: Maine, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia
The ___ Derby.
The Capitol of this state has almost 1,000,000 people.
It could have been the USA capitol. Now it's the capitol of a state.
Near the border of the USA and Mexico. (2 words)
Oklahoma. (Abbr.)
It's the second largest lake in the world and one of the great lakes. (2 words)
The home of Mt. Rushmore. (2 words)
It's home to the space needle.
The Capitol of New York State.
The Rio Grande runs through this state. (2 words)
In this state is the geographical center of the USA.
It's a military school in the northeast.
The USA has states, not these.
It's the state with the most gold.
It used to be part of Massachusetts.
The ___ massacre or the ___ tea party.
Thomas Jefferson wanted this but ended up getting what was back then called Louisiana.
Capitol of Utah. ___ ___ City. (2 words)
State in which Indiana University is.
It's the largest state in the country.
A city on Lake Michigan.
It's downtown isn't just home to music, but also a skyscraper locally known as the batman building.
The biggest little city in the world.
Europeans tried to settle here.