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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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4th Grade Sub Activity

Another word for "promise"
This day marks the first day of lent
The ___ testament of the Bible is about God and the early Christians
March 17 is his feast day
It is said that Adam and Eve ate an _____________
The 40 days before Easter
You should love your _____ as yourself.
Only a man can receive this sacrament
Where Jesus grew up
Confession is the sacrament of _____________
Everyone is born with __________ sin.
This holiday celebrates the 1st glorious mystery
You shall not _____ your neighbor's goods.
This holiday celebrates the 3rd joyful mystery
The new ____________ is about Jesus' life and teachings.
You shall not have other __________ before me.
The trade of Joseph and Jesus
These mysteries are about Mary's life
You shall not bear false ____ against your neighbor.
The sorrowful mysteries are about Christ's __________
10 Hail Mary prayers in the Rosary make up a ___________
The fruit was from the tree of _____________
The final prayer of the Rosary
Our current Pope
God's laws are the ten ____________
Place of Jesus's birth
The ____________ is made up of 5 mysteries
A time of preparation for Jesus's birth.
Keep _________ the Lord's day.
Feb 14 is his feast day
The sacrament that washes away original sin
God gave us laws of _______.
_________ your father and mother.