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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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In the Heart of the Sea

The offshore hunting ground is more than twice the size of _________ (106).
First person to die after the attack.
The _________ was the first misstep made by Pollard in his command of the Essex (40).
the best-known of the idyllic "Society Islands" that the men of the Essex SHOULD have aimed for (98)
Runaway slave who spoke at Nantucket (making quite a splash indeed!) (218)
last point for provisions before the Essex launched for the central Pacific
Navigating just by using the compass and an approximation of the boat's speed is called ____________ (111)
ounce-for-ounce, the most valuable thing that can be found in a whale (56).
A ________ community is one in which the normal rules of conduct and morality are stripped away. It's all about survival in a ______ community (172).
based his main character, Ahab, on Owen Chase (108)
the island where three of their number stayed behind (144)
# of dollars received by Pollard, as captain of the Essex, in compensation for all his suffering
work-song form that dominated Tiktok in January
quick-thinking shipmate who rescued the navigational equipment after the attach (84).
another name for a killer whale
Owen Coffin's executioner (228)
word to describe the situation that because they were afraid of cannibals, the people of the Essex made choices that led them to become . . . cannibals
Religion of most people on Nantucket, and a BIG influence on the culture
largest animal of any sort ever to have lived on this planet (86)
When a whaleboat is towed behind a harpooned whale it's called a Nantucket ___________ (3).
an off-islander (an outsider, to Nantucket society)
a very ambitious, enthusiastic whaleman would be called __________ (100)