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Lost Yet? Geography

Know your way around? A few easy filler words as hints. Answers with 2 words have a space between them.
Capital of Kenya
Sea between Australia and New Zealand
Waterway between Indonesia & Australia
U.S. Marines have history in this North African city
Island home of Haleakala volcano
Ocean where you find Pitcairn
North of Hawaii, 23° 27’
Mountains between Caspian and Black Seas
Body of water between Canada and Greenland
Country of Great Slave Lake
Waterway between Sweden and Poland
Sea between Italy's boot and Greece
Tailed high flier
Atacama Desert is in this country
Cape of Good Hope continent
Peninsula where you find Chichen Itza
Common rodent
Strait between Greenland and Iceland
Islands at north end of Canal of Mozambique
One of the countries of Lake Titicaca
Country between India and Afghanistan
Capital of Columbia
Sovereign island city-state off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula
Island nation off southern tip of India
Weddell Sea is off this continent
Go under
Canary Islands are off the coast of this African country
Lowest elevation in North America is here
Country of Ural Mountains
Largest right-bank tributary of the Congo River
Country south of the Black Sea
Reykjavik is the capital
Famous White Cliffs of ______
Bulletin board tool
Clothes presser