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Psychology Unit 12, mod 3 and 4 Crossword

__________ disorders are problems with the growth of the brain that leads to certain symptoms, also conditions that arise from abnormal 'wiring' when young.
Fear of the outside, fear of open spaces, fear of anything outside of your house. You're trapped in your comfort zone.
The compulsion to eat things other than food.
A pattern that develops over time of how we deal with stress.
Disproportionate fear reaction to certain social situations.
A severe and recurring fear of a specific stimulus
With criterion for a diagnosis of Panic Disorder, is that the attacks are _______.
A type of depression that is less intense but longer lasting.
A person switches from deep life sucking depression to extreme, unfocused energy.
The DSM-5 establishes a system of ____ for psychological disorders
- Having the genetic potential for a condition or disorder that can be turned on (or off) by environmental factors
The DSM-5 is __________focused on the brain as the center of mental illness
a disorder that involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds
Various versions of brain decay that cause memory loss, and the loss of other body controls (Alzheimer's is an example)
A set of anxiety symptoms that occur after a traumatic event