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B2 Cell Division Crossword

Meristem cells can help grow plants which are ________ to certain diseases
Which type of stem cell can differentiate into any type of special cell? - this ability is called totipotent.
Meristems can be used to grow plants very quickly and save money so good for the .....
New meristem cells are at the end, the older cells in the middle are in the zone of ________
A type of fibre or string that pulls each copy of chromosome to opposite end of the cell.
A new structure forms around each new daughter cell to keep all the other sub-cellular structures inside.
A stem cell becomes a specialized cell through the process called..
Cells replicate and divide for the body to...
a type of cloning process where an embryo is produced that is genetically identical to the patient so the cells can then be used in medical treatments
Making an identical copy
A structure inside the cell (sub-cellular) which releases energy through respiration of breaking down sugars and needs to be copied/doubled before the cell divides.
A structure inside the cell (sub-cellular) which makes proteins and needs to be copied/doubled before the cell divides.
Body cells divide in a series of stages known as the
Meristem cells can be used to regrow rare plant species will may become ______ in the future
The type of stem cell found in early stages of pregnancy after fertilization and appear in a ball.
When humans try to make copies of identical cells through research experiments..
The last zone of meristem cell growth into other cells like root hair cell and palisade cell is in the zone of
The type of stem cell found in humans after birth in bone marrow.
An undifferentiated or unspecialized cell is a ____ cell.
A type of cell division which produces two identical daughter cells
The genetic material is twisted are paired into an X shape
Type of stem cell found at the ends of plant roots and plant shoots
Which type of cells from adult bone marrow can form many types of cells including blood cells